quarta-feira, 3 de dezembro de 2014

"Transforma-se o amador na cousa amada"

I've been scared.
I've been walking down streets, highways, middleways, lowways...
All kindaf ways.
Anyway... I've been scared.

I've been afraid of robbers - not only the assaults on dark avenues
The strikes under my vigilance,
stealing my symbols,
taking my memories,
sacking my ideals,
pillaging all my parts.

My own parts taking part in these events.

I couldn't stand this idea.
And I'd had a feeling that something would change.

I've been scared.
I've been frightened b'each motorcycle's sound.
I've been searching for a safe and sound place,
- no safety, many sounds.

I've lost my ID in every theft.
Or... was it my wallet?
Gnashing teeth.
I've been having cold feet,

In this stretch of the text I should say why I'm not afraid anymore.
That I was supposed to affirm what were my guarantees in life, my assertive decisions,
That I should establish my place in the world.

I won't.
I ('ll/'d) never let my fears far away from me...

Thank god.
Hell no,
I'd rather be the frightened soft little boy...
Otherwise I would be the scary nightmare of some tiny helpless boy.